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-There are two points I would like to raise on this point, fitrlsy in the example the person is looking at an image, not a website and therefore by definition the viewers behaviour will be different ​  when looking at an image they are passive unless given a task and will just browse the picture, normally looking at faces, mouths and following cues such as pointing fingers, roads that lead into the distance and so onWhen you give them a task such as  how many people are there' or  judge their ages' then of course their behaviour will change as they try to answer that questionWhen doing web testing with eye tracking the participant is in an active state as they will have been given a task prior to going onto the web page (unless it is a free roam exercise which usually offer little insight and we do not recommend this type of taskso they will of course be trying to complete their task (make a purchase, log in to an account, search for  x' or whatever) and of course their behaviour will be driven by the task and their interaction and gaze within the page will be appropriate to the task in hand. So if we run three different tasks on a web page then we will have three different interactions and gaze journeys for each participant and we analyse them accordingly so they are relevant to search strategymenu naivgation and so on and therefore the data is relevantand invaluableto assessing the sites usability against the benchmark or task appliedIt would be a very bad usability practioner that gives someone a website and tells them to do whatever they want and then try to draw some conclusions ​.+===== Plenum Mittwoch 11.08.2010 ====== 
 +Beginn: 19:30 
 +[[plenum100805|vorheriges Plenum ​(2010-08-05)]] |  
 +[[plenum100819|nächstes Plenum ​(2010-08-19)]] 
 +==== Agenda ==== 
 +  * zielentreffengruessen: Willkommen der neuen Member 
 +    * jeder beschreibt kurzworan er letzte Woche gearbeitet hat. 
 +    * Der Wanderpokal muss erneut beschafft oder gefertigt werden! 
 +    * Lessons learned 
 +  *  Termine 
 +    * BarcampWer ist angemeldet? Wer macht shacksession?​ --jan 
 +    * Sommerpause fürs Plenum --claus 
 +      * dagegen weil wtf? --hadez 
 +  * Administratives 
 +     * Rückmeldung Vereinssachen 
 +     * Rückmeldung Kochbuch 
 +  * Erfahrungen 
 +     * LAN Party? 
 +  * Ruf für Teilnahme 
 +     * Lagersystem - Aufruf zur Teilnahme! 
 +  * Hausordnung 
 +  * Stand der Dinge  
 +     * Messe 
 +     * mcf 
 +     * shack trailer --hadez 
 +     * interview mit --hadez 
 +  * Hackerfryhstyck
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