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-Agenter is the best place for anyone who wants to earn more money online. Here you can make money in the form of commission by working for the business offers or referring them to the right individualsYou can also help others to make money online by referring to the leads.  +====== shackspace Wiki ====== 
-Features and benefits of Agenter include ​(For Business Profiles) +**Hi du!** \\ 
-● No registration fees(Free Sign Up) +Der shack ist der Hackerspace ​in Stuttgart\\ 
-● No marketing cost other than your commission offer to your sales agent. +Dieses Wiki bemüht sich, aktuelle und hilfreiche Informationen zu vermitteln – wenn was doch nicht mehr stimmt, dann hilf doch bitte, indem du es änderst oder jemandem Bescheid sagst\\ 
-● Build your sales network in your Industry Niche. +Das Wiki steht jedem offen (du musst dich nur vorher registrieren). Schreib einfach drauf los! \\ 
-● Expand your business outside of your geography. +**[[https://​​location/​|Lageplan und Anfahrtsbeschreibung hier]].**
-● Communicate with millions of active users interested in your industry.+
-Know your agents +**Hey there!** \\ 
-● Our agents are individuals,​ who have the potential to bring the business from industry to which you belong to+This is the wiki of the shack - the hackerspace of Stuttgart, Germany\\ 
-● Within a time span of one year Agenter ​is going to have one million ​registered ​active individuals as it’s agents across India.+Want to participate?​ Go right ahead! The wiki is open to be edited by everyone (as soon as they have registered, to prevent spam). \\ 
 +**[[https://​​location/​| Map and driving directions here]].**
- The operating cycle for business profiles ​in our platform is as follows +//Note: the common language here is German but don't hesitate to comment ​in English.//
-● Create your business profile. +
-● Make connections. +
-● Provide good Commission offers. +
-● Get your proposals. +
-● Close your deal. +
-● Settle the reward.+
-Features and benefits of Agenter include (For Individual Profiles) 
-● Create your profile. (Free Sign Up) 
-● Make connections with business profiles. ​ 
-● Find thousands of commission providers near you 
-● Contact any business offering commission 
-● Get your commission offers. 
-● Start referring the business leads and get paid the agreed commissions 
-To know more about [[ https://​​how-to-earn|how to earn money]] 
 ====== shackspace Status ====== ====== shackspace Status ======
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