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-Thank you for an excellent acitrleCurrentlyI'm in the process ​of changing my antenna ​configuration from a random wire to a dipole, inverted-vee ​or sloperAs mentioned in your acitrle, defining your type-of-contest ​is important then, matching your antenna ​systemMy contest focus is domestic ​and budget friendly wire antennas can compete against yagisI'm looking forward to adding ​little more gain into the KA3DRR signal from the central coast of California.+up: [[project:​hgg|Project HGG]] 
 +====== Project: HGG - Antenna Design ====== 
 +  * [[project:​hgg:​antenna design:​jpole|J-Pole]] 
 +  * [[project:​hgg:​antenna design:​slimjim|Slim-JIM]] 
 +  * [[project:​hgg:​antenna_design:​omidirectional|Omnidirektional]] 
 +  * [[project:​hgg:​antenna_design:​lindenblad|Lindenblad (Omnidirectional)]] (see also: [[http://​​amsat/​articles/​w6shp/​lindy.html|AMSATW6SHP: The Lindenblad]]) 
 +There's also a nice collection ​of [[http://​​catalog/​Antennas/​Satellite/​|satellite ​antenna ​designs at dxzone]]. 
 +====== Findings about Antenna Design ====== 
 +Random facts about antennas we found out or read aboutNeed to be put into an article and into context.  
 +===== Why is usually a 1/2 lambda ​antenna ​used? ===== 
 +Imagine a Sine waveImagine a half wavelength starting at PI/2. It goes until 3/4 * PI. That means you have the beginning where the value of the sine is max and the end where it is minimalThat means your difference is maximized. For wave - it'​s ​the same. Thus by using lambda / half antennas you can maximize ​the output-level.  
 +To think about: Does an antenna cause a phase shift? (I think it does).
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