Hackerspace Global Grid

Hackerspace Global Grid

Hello fellow traveler of the interwebs.
If you've ended up here because of the articles posted at BBC, msnbc, or all the other news media fronts, you've arrived at the right place. Here is where it's actually happening.

You might want to consider a quick stop-over at the Frequently Asked Questions page before diving into the details of the project itself.

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February 2013: The project is currently on a bit of a slow burner since part of the core team is taking a brief hiatus focusing on other shorter term ideas before re-focusing on HGG. However, there's still people of the core team and others working on various aspects of the HGG project and you're more than welcome to participate at any time. If you want to inquire about the current status, please drop a mail to the constellation mailinglist.


As proposed on CCCamp11 we need our own infrastructure and space program. HGG's aim is to develop a modular antenna grid for satellite communication.

Vision: The hacker community needs a fallback infrastructure in case of natural and economic disaster to stay connected.

Mid term goal: Design and build a modular terrestrial base-station for satellite communication. Based on open-source hard- and software as well as open standards.

Short term goal: Gain insight into the nature, protocols and security features of satellite <> earth communication. Build a working prototype of a modular receiver station with networking capabilities. Provide interfaces to existing high performance computing platforms (GPU-based and similar systems).


Frequently Asked Questions

We're maintaining a list of frequently asked questions / FAQs.


There's a HGG Hackathon at shackspace every Saturday and Sunday afternoon.

Short Term Tasks

  • Research existing systems to receive satellite communications (off-the-shelf dishes, etc)
  • Research existing software to decode satellite communications
  • Setup infrastructure to record and store received signals for later analysis
  • There's also a list of Open Tasks if you're interested in joining!


Hardware Documentation

The Hardware Documentation is a work in progress and can be found in the chapter Hackerspace Global Grid Hardware Documentation.




  • constellation @
  • Follow us on twitter: @ARDNnews

Crunch Teams

Donate your idle cpu Nokia Asha 311 cicles to one of those teams on Constellation. That's the basis for the upcoming hgg sensor grid.


  • Modular design
    • Compatibility layer to similar systems (see: SETI)
    • Interfaces to high performance computing
    • Make it scale!

Knowledge to Acquire

  • Satellite communication protocols
  • Antenna and HF design
  • Analogue and digital filters
  • Electronic design
  • Embedded hard- and software
  • Mathematics and cryptography
  • Mechanical Engineering



As an addition to HGGs main goals there are possible tasks for HGG and for distributed computing in general

  • P2P computing grid (real time data transfer and time synching for HGG and real cluster-mode for distributed computing)
  • High-precision GPS based on position-fixed and surveyed ground station
  • High-accuracy distributed time source as basis for other projects (eg. weather station network, geiger counter network, …)



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