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Project: HGG - Antenna Design / J-Pole

  • A = 3/4 λ
  • B = 1/4 λ
  • C = adjust to 50 Ω wave impedance between solder joints
  • D = 4 turn balun to keep coax line from becoming part of the radiator


  • describe how to fine-tune C
  • HAM Operators use SWR-Meters, these show the overlay-ratio between in- and out-flowing wave.
  • An SWR ratio lower than 1:1.5 is ok. 1:1 is perfect
  • Sadly you need an transmitter to use this methode (you may ask a nearby HAM)
  • SWR-Meters for 2-meter/70-cm band cost about 50€ for a cheap one
  • The Cheap CB SWR-Meters are only useful for 11-Meter band

How to tune

  • Nibble away bits on both arms while maintaining the (3/4 λ) / (1/4 λ) ratio.
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