Logo & CI

Logo files can be found in our GitHub repository. It includes SVGs and embroidery files for our logo, and files for signs and stickers.

Special Logos

The following logos can be used in special cases, e.g. on PCB layouts where space is a limiting factor.

Reproduction / Modifications

  • The logo MUST NOT be modified in any way unless specific exceptions are granted.
  • The size of the logo MAY be changed as long as aspect ratio is maintained.
  • The appropriate logo version (depending color of background) MAY be used.
  • The logo MAY be rotated by multiples of 90°.
  • Exceptions MAY be granted upon specific request directed at


Text Font
'stuttgart hackerspace' below logoDroid Sans


RGB CMYK RAL (approximated)
Black (0, 0, 0) (0, 0, 0, 100%) 9004 Signal Black
White (100%, 100%, 100%) (0, 0, 0, 0) 9003 Signal White
Green (0, 75%, 0) (100%, 0, 100%, 25%) 6032 Signal Green, alternative: Yellow Green, Mint Green

Referring to shack / shackspace

Name CI

The expressions „shack“, „shack e.V.“ and „shackspace“ SHOULD ALWAYS be written in lower case, even at the beginning of a sentence.

Explanation of Names

shackspace the (physical) stuttgart hackerspace, as in: the location
shack e.V. the legal body running shackspace
shack short version, can refer to either shack e.V. or shackspace. the use of the longer versions is recommended to prevent misinterpretations



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