Repairing / Hacking the Snack-O-Mat

Der Snack-O-Mat ist ein Warenautomat des Typs Vendo_MCV_600! Das Display scheint kaputt zu sein. Zu diesem Projekt soll der Automat verbessert und repariert werden.

Das Display ist ein Vakuumfluoriszenzdisplay (16 Segment). Es wird gesteuert von einem Micrel 10957. Zwischen dem Mainboard des Automaten und dem Display wird SPI gesprochen (Shift Clock und Shift Data IN). Die SPI-Daten/Einstellungen sind

  • 250kHz
  • Idle LOW
  • Idle2Active liegt das neue Bit an (low nach high)
  • Samplen kann während die Clock auf High ist erfolgen

Mit diesen Daten kann man es per BusPirate lessen.

Im Datenblatt ist eine Tabelle die wir zur Umwandlung nach ASCII nutzen können.


What needs to be done

Since we wanted to add a new Display without chaning the main control pcb, we needed to read the signals from the control board with the texts to be displayed and put them to another display. Luckily we had some VFDs there that can already be controlled via UART. So all we needed was an SPI to UART converter that was able to translate the input from the Control PCB of the vending machine (see the datasheet of the micrel display driver) to ASCII (as accepted charset of the VFD). Shouldn't be so hard.

Preparations: Finding out how it works

We used a shackuino and a Vacuum Fluoriscence Display to prototype a converter for the converter. The results seemed quite good.

Since we didn't want to make a final installation wasting the shackuino, we decided to make a PCB for the display converter and put it in the machine in a nicer and more professional way.

Going PROD: The PCB

The PCB Design was relatively easy. There were some thing that went wrong the first try but it wasn't too bad :) We made the PCB and then mounted it in the device. Since the new display is larger than the old one, we had to perform case modding.

When this was all done, we filled up the vending machine and it was done.

The current status will only reestablish the functionality before the machine broke. There will be more features. Stay tuned.

Files / Source

The current version is available on github:


Ab sofort in LICK (Stammdaten → Automaten → Schächte)


Schachtzuordnung festlegen

  1. Menütaste 6x drücken
  2. Zugangs-Code eingeben: 3 1 4 2
  3. wenn im Menü „STS Prog“ erscheint loslegen:
  4. Taste 1 drücken, im Menü scrollen dann die Schächte durch
  5. pro Schacht die zuzuordnende Taste drücken
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