Meilhaus RedLab 1008


(OK, unsere Exemplar ist rot)

Was ist es?

USB-Device mit:

  • Two 10-bit analog outputs
  • One 32-bit external event counter
  • 28 bi-directional digital I/O
  • 11-bit (SE), 12-bit (DIFF) resolution
  • 8 single-ended or 4 differential analog inputs


Das Meilhaus RedLab 1008 ist identisch mit dem miniLab 1008 von Measurement Computing Corp. (MCC).

"Note that the RedLab 1008 looks like a U12, but is actually the miniLAB 1008 
from measurement computing which is a copy of our U12"

Das verraten auch die USB-IDs:

1b04  Meilhaus Electronic GmBH
09db  Measurement Computing Corp.
	0075  MiniLab 1008


"Linux Support for MCC DAQ Products is available in two different
ways. MCC provides direct Linux support for our DAQFlex data acquistion
products. DAQFlex products support text based programming for both
Windows and Linux. Many MCC products are also supported under third
party Linux drivers. These professional drivers provide support for
many MCC products including most USB, PCI, ISA, PCMCIA and PC104
hardware. A complete listing of supported hardware as well as driver
support is available here"

Die MCC-Library ermoeglicht den Zugriff auf die Hardware.

Hier hat's schon mal jemand probiert:



to be done ;-)

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