HGG: Keep On Tracking

We already had some questions concerning what we want to track and whether one could help. We have some ideas, what we want to track, but YOU can actively decide, what will be tracked, so put in your favourite objects and the needed data in here. When this list will grow, we will hopefully see some pattern ans clusters we could track in a broader band with just one antenna.

Freq Application* Object Signal Name track/data-dump Src Initiator (optional)
121.5 MHz S/C Soyuz Capsule morse code: „AN“ (dot, dash, dash, dot) track src horn
121.5 MHz & 243.0 MHz S/C Soyuz Crew: beacon and voice capability track src horn
137.5 MHz - 137.9 MHz S/C NOAA Weather satellite weather-data (FM) data-dump src
137.2 MHz - 137.9 MHz S/C Orbcomm satellite Email-data (FM) data-dump src

note: sorted in ascending frequency order

*Abbreviations: Applications: S/C-spacecrafts, S/P-spaceplatform, bloon-balloons, A/C-aircraft, …)

ham_users could help collecting

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