Hackerspace Global Grid Hardware Documentation

This section gives a general overview about the hgg system and its design. We will try to build this like a tree so you can follow articles to go in more detail about some of the topics.

Basic System specifications and Design Considerations

The first thing a HGG ground-station will be is a high speed measurement device for all kinds of sensoric or radio data. Later, we plan to add more features to make it possible to connect groundstations via radio for exchanging portions of data, to control, find and use satellites put into orbit by hobbyists. Theese goals require that the design of the groundstations is modular so taht changes to functionality can be made through changes in modules and there is no need to replace many components at the same time.

Another reason for modulisation is that many kinds of signals and data should be measurable, like ADSB, hobbyist satellites, weather data, radiation or anything else.

Seeing those goals we decided to divide the functionality into 3 parts:

  1. Time measurement / synchronisation
  2. Communication with a connected device (eg your Computer)
  3. Data measurement and Communication (eg tracking satellites or communicating with them)

Amongst those goals it is important, that the whole system is open source and well documented. Thus it should be possible for people to build a ground station from supplied schematics, build their own modules or modify existing ones. We also wish for the measured data to be publicised in an open-source manner for use in science projects, just like the hacker-space-program.

Table of Contents

Bus Systems


General Hardware modules

Measurement Modules


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