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-You don't say where you live, and that can make a BIG difference in how much sueccss you would have growing in a greenhouse in winter.  ​I live in Minnesota, where of course it gets really cold and days are short. I worked in a hydroponic greenhouse here, and we grew only greens, lettuces, kale, ​the winter. ​ Spring through fall we grew tomatoes, basil, peppers ​and other greens, but they just won't grow in the winter, there isn't enough light. ​ It also costs a lot of money to heat a greenhouse in winter, so do your homework before you make a decision. ​ I should say that you can add supplemental lighting to a greenhouse in winter, but again it is very expensive.+====== Caramelized Cocktail Tomatoes ====== 
 +Very yummy and most definitely not healthy anymore.  ​Makes a tasty side anyway ;) 
 +===== Ingredients ===== 
 +  * Cocktail tomatoes 
 +  * Lots of sugar 
 +  * Salt & pepper to taste 
 +  * Peanut oil 
 +===== Tools ===== 
 +  * A pot 
 +===== Time Requirements ===== 
 +Around 10min 
 +===== Preparation ===== 
 +  * Add sugar and some oil to pot and gently heat while stirring until sugar starts dissolving 
 +  * Keep stirring until the sugar begins to caramelize 
 +  * Add tomatoes and keep stirring until some tomatoes lost enough fluid to ensure nothing will stick to the pot 
 +  * Keep cooking at low heat until consistency is to your liking  
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