Tactical Longcat


Not to be mistaken for a strategic longcat, intercontinental longcat, or longcat.

Used as a means of immediate destruction in cases of emergency.

Effects of a tactical longcat strike are immediate, because tactical longcat is so loooong, it already hit the target before it left the launch silo.

A tactical longcat strike is preceded by a brief 'meeeeeeeeeoooooOOOOOOWWW' followed by the cutest 'bOOOM' and mushroom cloud you've ever seen (it's also the last thing you'll ever see).

Studies show that at any point in time there's at least over 9000 tactical longcats trained on your location waiting to kill you with over critical cuteness.


The meme was created as part of an epic chat roulette session full of win during LHC1 at RaumZeitLabor.

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