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-First of all, thanks for pnpoipg over the check on me.  I am all consumed with graduate school! ​ I have 2 papers ​and a presentation tomorrow ​and then a month of freedom! ​ I think of ideas but really don't have any time for projectsmuch less blog about them ​HoweverI read everyday still! ​ Next, LOVE the wreath! ​ Maybe that should ​be project ​for me in my time off!+====== Status ====== 
 +This subproject is active ​and being developed by [[leute:​hadez]] ​and [[leute:​armin]] . 
 +We're meeting up regularly at shackspacestuttgartIf you're interested in joining this subprojectmail either one of us or leave us a twitter message or just ask on the mailing list.  
 +Projet status can be found [[project:​hgg:​hardware:​backplane_v1|on the documentation site]]. 
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