ssh with putty

generate a 4096 bit ssh-2-rsa key

  • download putty (installer + associating ppk files makes your life easier but is not a must)
  • launch puttygen [Win key → type: puttygen → enter]
    • type the name of the key
    • type the password (if you intend to use it from your phone - maybe less than one bazillion characters)
    • set: ssh-2-rsa 4096 bit
    • press generate
    • save the public key in OpenSSH into a textfile e.g. (conversions → export OpenSSH key)
    • save the public key in format e.g. (conversions → export key)

setup opening the shack door

This assumes you completed key_request.

  • open putty
    • enter hostname portal.portal
    • go to connection → data
      • enter Auto-login username: open
    • go to connection → ssh → auth
    • go back to session (first screen)
      • Saved Sessions: open shack
      • press save

open the shack door

convert an OpenSSH key (from Linux)

  • launch puttygen [Win key → type: puttygen → enter]
    • conversions → import key
    • import your private key
    • save private key (in putty ppk format)
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