Large Hackerspace Convention Episode II


Fr 26 .. So 28.08.2011


Ulmer Strasse 255
70327 Stuttgart (Wangen)

U-Bahn Haltestelle / Station: „Im Degen“ (U4, U9)


„ein epic epic of epic epicness.“
Die Large Hackerspace Convention Episode II soll dazu dienen, Hackerspaces und Hackerspacer aus ganz Deutschland, Europa, der Welt, unserer Galaxis und dem Rest des Universums zu einem zwanglosen Austausch zu vereinen.
Gemeinsam reden wir ueber Erlebnisse und Ideen von der und fuer die Hackerspace-Bewegung.

Angesagt ist also:
hacken, chillen, labern, austauschen, Dinge tun.

Der Event ist Low-Orga-Level, es gibt ein loses Rahmenprogramm (talks_workshops).
„an epic epic of epic epicness.“
The Large Hackerspace Convention Episode II should be exactly that. Hackerspaces and hackerspace-folks from all over Germany, Europe, the world, our galaxy, and the rest of the universe will meet for an informal exchange of knowledge.
Together we'll talk about our experiences and ideas regarding the hackerspace movement.

In short:
hacking, chillout, talking, exchange of ideas, doing things.

The event is organized similar to a barcamp (as in: there's not much planned in detail, really low-orga-level). There will be an approximation of a program but we're still working on that.

Anmeldung / Signup


The costs will be really low. The admission fee will be:

0.00 EUR
0.00 USD
0.00 BTC

Relevant (Club-Mate, AfriCola, Applejuice) cooled drinks from the vending machine are available at 1.50 EUR for a half liter bottle. We've also got a snack vending machine to ensure proper late night sugar intake.
There will most likely be food available at reasonable prices.
Several supermarkets are within walking distance.


Thingy Description
Lounge ~100sqm full of loungy awesomeness with comfy chairs and couches
Couches ad-hoc seating groups to discuss random topics, think of it as mini-barcamp style discussion groups
Open DJ Booth we've got a EKS otus DJ controller that works very well with Traktor et al, feel free to mix your tunes for everyone's enjoyment
Seminar room ~50sqm of room with tables, beamer, whiteboards, chairs and separate from the lounge
Electronics lab here you can manufacture your own PCBs with direct to copper printing, etching, reflowing. If you need specific components, please ask in advance or bring your own.
Media lab There's h0uz3' Mac workstation for video, sound, and photo editing
Workshop If you need to wreak havoc and trash some stuff, here's the room to do it in
Kitchen A fully usable kitchen. You can cook stuff here.
Bistro seating area Right in front of the kitchen if you want to chat with the cooks while doing your thing.
Outside Right in front of the space we've got an area where you can have a smoke (no smoking inside) or grab the BBQ and prepare some food.
Parking There _should_ be plenty of parking but we recommend using public transit which is very conveniently located.

Klamotten / Swag

Unterbringung / Lodging


  • You can probably find a place to crash at the space (no guarantee it'll be quiet though)
    • We've prepared 2 rooms in a seperate area (around 32m^2) for you. Space is avaliable throughout the beloved pattern first come first serve. If you don't want to sleep on the plain ground make sure to bring some mats etc.
  • There's an outdoor swimming pool thingy at the river nearby (~10min walk) which sports shower facilities (we don't have a shower of our own yet, sorry) Inselbad Untertürkheim from 7pm the fee is 2.6€ instead of 3.6€
  • There might be members living not too far away from the space that might be willing to share their showers or even have a spare futon, despite our best efforts we have not managed to assemble a list ;)


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