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Please put down your organization / group and nickname along side the title and quick abstract of your talk / workshop and what kind of resources you require.


  • This is Lorem Ipsum (hadez / shackspace)
    • A quick recap of the history of lorem ipsum and why it's the most awesome placeholder text.
    • 30min
    • I'll need a beamer, club-mate, and awesome sauce
    • bring your own longcat
  • IPv6 bei einem ISP im WAN (tim (ät) shackspace . de)
    • IPv6 in der Praxis in einem grossen WAN Umfeld; Probleme mit Hardware, Software, wie man sie umgeht, Planung und ein wenig aus dem Nähkästchen plaudern
    • IPv6 in practice in a big WAN environment of an ISP; problems with hardware, software, how to bypass them, some planning and ranting about stuff regarding IPv6
    • 30min
    • beamer
  • Nutzen und Risiken der Bereitstellung von Internet-Zugängen (Sonntag spaet-nachmittag) (pi at
    • Ge- und Missbrauchsgefahr
    • Wer klagt, und warum ?
    • Wie eklig kann's werden ?
    • Vorratsdatendiskussion
  • JavaScript im Jahr 2011 (Scytale/RaumZeitLabor)
    • Grundlagen der Sprache und warum sie nicht so scheiße ist, wie ihr denkt
    • häufig begangene Fehler
    • selten begangene Awesomeness
    • Beispiele, Fragen, Antworten
    • in English if the audience votes for it
    • brauche nen Beamer und 45 Minuten Zeit, je nach Detailgrad mehr oder weniger
  • Penspinning
    • Kleiner Randomtalk über Penspinning (mein Ausgefallener Lightningtalk vom TdoT)
    • Wenn möglich Beamer
    • Kann skalieren von 5-20min


  • Track 1 (Social and Organization)
    • Ways to achieve 24/7 access to the hackspace
    • Patterns to get rid of waste and cleaning the space
      • Patterns to get rid of: waste and cleaning the space (jk, cnr ;) –hadez
    • How to build great teams and enable teamwork
    • All mail clients suck. All mailing list users suck. Why???
  • Track 2 (Development and Technology)
    • Etching like a boss: What works, what doesn't
    • Running IPv6 in the hackspace
    • Storage for projects
    • Soldering


  • PCB Design for beginners (slopjong / syn2cat)
    • Starts at 19:00 on Sat
    • Presentation about Eagle (the CAD software) and PCBs. Afterwards you'll create the schematic and the board layout. The cool thing is you'll build your own fm transmitter, essentially the niftymitter.
    • 2-4h (depending on the attendee's knowledge)
    • Equipment required by the orga: beamer, printer, probably also transparent paper if I forget to buy it
    • I want to attend
      • Andy/Shackspace
      • hadez
      • MarvinGS
      • Samuirai
      • knorke (can we start in the late saturday (7pm)? Slopjong replies: „I'll see but I can't promise it.“ )
      • frankalicious
      • put your name here
  • Etching (slopjong / syn2cat)
    • Starts at 21:00 on Sat
    • You'll learn how to etch PCBs especially the niftymitter you've designed in the PCB Design workshop. If you didn't attend it you get a ready layout from me.
    • 2h
    • Equipment required by the attendees: old clothes, flüssigkeitsundurchlässige Handschuhe (diffusion unpermeable hand things :-D )
      • we have a box of latex single-use gloves available at the space –hadez
    • I want to attend (max. 10 attendees)
      • Andy/Shackspace
      • hadez
      • MarvinGS
      • knorke
      • frankalicious
      • put your name here
  • Soldering for beginners (slopjong / syn2cat)
    • Starts at 14:00 on Sun
    • Never soldered before? No problem, attend this workshop and you'll learn it.
    • Costs: 7€
    • 2h
    • I want to attend (max. approx. 15 attendees)
      • hadez (i can solder, but i want to build the RF thingy and i'll be happy to help with the workshop)
      • put your name here
    • Equipment required by the orga: bench drilling machine, drills (0.8mm, 1.0mm, 1.2mm and 1.6mm)
  • Just Fucking Shoot (h0uz3 of shackspace)
    • Bringing a camera to a venue and not using it is fail. Taking pictures in a decent and privacy-aware way is win!
    • Costs: none
    • 1h
    • I want to attend
      • hadez
      • Andy
      • put your name here
  • Physical destruction of Blackberry smart phones (h0uz3 of shackspace)
    • During the riots in Britain, Research in Motion, maker of Blackberry, recklessly gave data stored on their servers to the police. Research in motion must not be trusted anymore, therefore all available Blackberry smart phones shall be destroyed.
    • Costs: Your Blackberry
    • 15 min.
    • I want to attend
      • put your name here
  • Cooking/Baking (Andy of shackspace, maybe h0uz3)
    • Hackers cooking and baking is said to be impossible. This workshop is supposed to prove the opposite
    • Meals:
      • Nutella-Marshmallow Holocaust (NMH) (Baking)
      • Ice cream cones out of chocolate
      • Cakes (real…not lies) and/or cookies
      • (maybe) more to come
    • Costs: Will be determined after the determination of the amount of ingrediets needed. Probably less than 3€ per meal unit
    • Time: Depending on the meals. NMH: probably 1-2h
    • Attendees:
      • put your name here
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