What's it about?

The International Space Apps Challenge is a 2 day technology development event during which citizens from around the world will work together to solve current challenges relevant to both space exploration and social need. The International Space Apps Challenge will take place on all seven continents – and in space - on 21-22 April 2012.

One of these events will take place amoung us here in Stuttgart's Hackerspace shackspace, a real great precondition for hacking space apps.


Please register on, so that you can join an app challenge, and because there is just a limited number of places at our location. When there will be more, we will try to find more places or you can participate in a „virtual“ location via the internet. But please register, so that we can plan.

Where and When


21-22 April 2012 Start 21.04.12 - 9:00 Hrs End 22.04.12 - 16:00 Hrs

Who wants to come on friday is kindly welcomed. We plan an evening programme beyond the official timeline.


shackspace Ulmer Straße 255, 70327 Stuttgart-Wangen

  • there will be signs in front of the door
  • signs infront of public rooms and responsible people for e-lab


Public Transportation

Parking lots are available near to shackspaces.

Who's an Organizer?


Questions to ...

Please pose your questions via email (see above), Twitter or collected on (no registration required)

Preliminary Timeline

Before Space Apps Challenge

registrate on www.spaceappchallenge
choose & join an app challenge
tell Stuttgart orgas, which app
prepare yourself

Friday, April 20 (optional)

20:00 hrs Launch preparation, pre-registration

Saturday, April 21

09:00 hrs First Contact: Event launch and registration
10:00 hrs Greetings, schedule and logistics announcements
10:30 hrs Subject Matter Expert briefing
11:00 hrs COM-LINK Base Istanbul, Turkey
11:15 hrs Begin developing
12:30 hrs DGLR Lunch break
13:30 hrs COM-Link Australia
13:45 hrs Developing continued
16:30 hrs Optional progress briefing, more developing
18:30 hrs Dinner break
20:00 hrs Even more developing
23:59 hrs Night Hack

Sunday, April 22

09:00 hrs First Light: Breakfast Break
10:00 hrs Logistics briefing & updates
10:15 hrs Begin developing
12:00 hrs Submission Deadline
12:00 hrs Lunch break
13:30 hrs Presentations
15:00 hrs Judges Voting
15:30 hrs Awards
16:00 hrs Post event social
1x:xx hrs Earth Return

App Conference Calls to Virtuall and Other Locations

10:30 hrs (starting) Subject Matter Expert briefing for apps
please contact me to date meetings for questions concerning our own app challenges. Send me an email or skype message (see above)

What can I do and code?

On there are a lot of challenges, where you can chose your apps you want to realize. When you have registered for SpaceApps, you can join a challenge on their description page. This will help to find other participants, who will also code this app, and it helps the challenge supporter to help you.

There is an App from here!

There are some apps who had been subbmitted by Andreas -horn- Hornig and for and he will be available in shackspace to help you. The apps are

Bring Your Own ...!

If you want to work on hardware, then the motto is to bring your own hardware. We plan to organize webcams for the Brightest Night app challenge, but we can't promise anything. To be sure to have it available you should bring everything you need to work on it during the event. We have an E-Lab and a Media-Lab, where you could solder or do smaller and bigger tasks. When you need something fancy, please send us a notice, we will help to organize it!

External Event Tracking

Live Streams



Award Prizes



The event will take place during 2 days between saturday and sunday and everyone who wants to come on friday before the event is welcome. So you can have a pre-launch look at shackspace. It is okay to fall asleep on a couch in lounge area because of exhaustion due to hack-a-thon programming, but when you need a real bed, please book an accomodation by yourself. We want to point out, that Frühlingsfest in Bad Cannstatt will start on 21.04 and this could influence the booking attitude in our area.

Unfortunately we don't have a shower (yet), but there is the public swimming bath Inselbad Untertürkheim (Wegbeschreibung) and costs 4,10€ and (1/2 before closing) 3,10€ in the evening.


Food and Stuff

What Language? Not a native German speaker? No Problem!

When you don't speak German, that's not a problem for us as long as you don't mind us speaking English with a German or Swabian accent perhaps. When you want to have the details listed here in English, please let us know (Email, Twitter) and we will translate it.

Please check this site regularly, there are still things todo

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