Michael Fitzmayer

Personal Information

Name: Michael Fitzmayer
Birthplace: Ludwigsburg
Day of birth: October 29th
Residence: Marbach am Neckar
Job: SMT Operator / Specialist for electronic assembly

Hobbies and interests

  • Music:
  • Other:
    • I also have a life (prio. = ∞). :)
    • Sorting the universe.


Art and Lifestyle

Codename Description Status
Magical portraits Interior decoration inspired by the Harry Potter movies. done
Codename Description Status
SNESoIP The Super Nintendo ethernet adapter. very active
pick and place All about our very own pick and place machine. active again
GPS Affordable GPS technology for the masses. in queue
bijouboard An ultra cheap and small development platform. obsolete/canceled
USBasp Single-sided through-hole USBasp. done/updated
World Domination Map It's just the beginning. stagnated?


Codename Description Status Wordpress 3 implementation of the new webdesign by Susi. nobody knows
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