P2P Pond / P2P Networking

P2P Pond is meant to be the P2P software solution to connect clients P2P Networking is meant to be the hardware mesh of ground stations

horn's ideas for P2P Pond

  • taking an existing open source P2P
  • universal for computation (BOINC) and sensor grid data gathering (data relay)
  • failsafe, self healing, redundant
  • no central or super node, if possible
  • levels of quality (wan, lan, bybrid)
  • substitute player for calculations (⇒ failsafe, less rework)

hadez' comments:

  • tinc mesh VPN darknet for node interconnect similar to the system deployed as part of krebs

* nice course on p2p networking and how to implement it in java or python (with example app)

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