Ze „Fleischbombe“ or „Meatbomb“ is a recipe designed to feed ze hungry hacker after a long day. It is neither vegetarian nor vegan, but can be cooked without pigs meat, and zerfore can be eaten by muslims.

Fleischbomben can be eaten cold, so there is no excuse for making small ones.

Preparation vor cooking

  • First, you occupy der kitchen.

Zis is a more crucial step zan you might image. As der cook, you and your helpers will need some space for preparing zis recipe in a timely manner.

  • Get two helpers

One can prepare a lovely side-dish or salad, something be very light. The other one will help you with preparing things.

  • one glass muffler or ze like for each Fleischbombe

Ze more ze merrier, but be advised, you need enough space in der oven, too

  • covering for the fleischbombe, aluminium foil
  • cooking paper


  • 200g of minced cow meat for each hacker who wants to eat
  • 300g for each hacker which might be very hungry
  • about 1 onion for every 500g-700g of minced meat
  • fine ham, enough to cover each Fleischbombe and the filling
  • spices according to your taste
  • about 3-4 cooked eggs for each Fleischbombe
  • or goat or sheep cheese, ze latter makes „Greek Fleischbombe“
  • some really tasty cheese for ze filling
  • paprika, sweet cucumber for ze covering


Ze Fleischbombe will take a long time to cook, so preparation needs to be speedy if ze hackers are hungry. One helper should prepare ze side dish or salad on his own accord. The other helper should start cutting ze paprika and ze cucumbers and ze onions into small pieces.

You take all der meat, add ze spices to your liking and mix it. If you prepare more than on Fleischbombe, you can use different filling - use also different spices if necessary. If ze helper is not ready now, yell at him, as you need the cutted onion now, to mix zem in. Do not use too much of der onion, because this will make das meat unstable, oh nein!


Now the meat is prepared, and you can load das Fleischbombe. Prepare the cooking paper with some oil, but use it sparingly. Cover the paper with a layer of ham - zis will be ze outer coating of ze Fleischbombe. Zen cover it with der meat. Put enough meat for one Bombe on ze paper, and spread it out evenly. But some ham on the meat, it will be used to keep your filling together. Put ze filling on, ze tasty cheese and ze eggs - in one row. Don't be shy with ze cheese, it will melt and make ze meat very tasty. Now wrap the ham around ze filling, and zen ze meat around it. Cover any open spots on ze Bombe with more ham.

If you are not good with der covering, prepare ze Bombe with its filling before covering it with der ham. Zen, spread out ham on zer lightly oiled cooking paper, put ze Bombe on, then wrap it in ze meat.

Last touches

Ze Fleischbombe is almost ready for der oven! But it in ze muffler, spread out ze paprika and cucumber evenly around it. Wrap ze top of ze muffler in ze foil. Prepare another Fleischbombe if zere is space - then it goes into the oven.


Let ze Bombe cook for at least 45 minutes on almost maximum heat - depends a lot on ze oven and ze size of ze Bombe. Lift the foil once in a while to check wether it is ready. Ze Fleischbombe will be dripping with fat and have filled its muffler somewhat - zis is ze sauce!


Cut of one slice for each hungry hacker - if you remember der position of your filling, you can make really nice ones. You need a very sharp knife, oh ja.

Keep the foil you used for cover - when zere are leftovers, put it on them and everything goes into ze cooler. Ze meat is really nice when cool.

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