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Note: shackbot will probably be deprecated *very* soon in favor of Entchen.

shackbot (also known by its IRC name, shackie) is the most recent try at unifying all the bots at #shackspace (freenode).

shackbot is a Supybot. At the moment it runs on shackles.shack. rash and rixx are its admins.

Supported Commands

  • .online - shows logged in hackers in the shack (shackles)
  • .karma - tells you the karma of $foo. Karma is regulated by $foo++ or $foo–
  • .stoll - prints a quote by Dr. Axel Stoll
  • .glados - prints a GlaDOS quote

Please issue feature requests at the github site, but keep in mind that shackbot is probably not here to stay – consider directing your feature requests to entchen's github page.

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