Softwerkskammer: Cucumber Workshop

Setup Instructions

During the Workshop we will be coding and therefore depend on an environment that supports us doing so. To encourage mutual support between participants and to allow for easier pair programming let us agree to stick to the setup described bellow. That is, we will be using IntelliJ since it properly supports cucumber via a native plugin. Furthermore glue code will be written in Java.

Nevertheless Java skills are not a prerequisite. Only basic programming know- how is required per pair. Please setup your laptop in advance and bring it with you.

Install IDE

Get Project

Import Project

  • Start IntelliJ
  • Choose ”Import Project”
  • Navigate to the projects root directory containing the file ”pom.xml”
  • Choose ”Import project from external model” > Maven

Add Plugin

  • Choose Menu ”File > Settings > Plugins”
  • Press Button ”Install JetBrains plugin…”
  • Search for ”Cucumber for Java”
  • Press Button ”Install plugin”
  • Press Button ”Restart IntelliJ”

Verify Setup

  • Right click on the project and choose ”Run > All Tests”
  • Take a look around

The setup instruction might slighty differ depending on your operating sys- tem. If you are experiencing problems or have any questions please contact me via

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