This is the project page for the first publicly accessible stream instacam (part of project minikrebs) of the walled up construction site behind our hackerspace. The S21 project is highly controversial - and quite honestly we don't give a rats ass about it. Just since some people put so much effort into walling up the construction site and in the spirit of openness we thought we needed to provide access to the public. Also we are nerds an love big toys and want to share hardware porn with you guys.

Maybe we'll even put a LCD Screen in front of the wall just for the lulz of it

  • New: as most of the time the streams seem to break, we set up a webpage for the instacam: Pics are refreshed every 60 seconds. This should be enough for a giant dirt hole.
  • Here at the S21-instacam channel you can watch the livestream (Intranet).
  • Or here's anoter stream over at

The actual webcam is deployed behind the metal workshop.

ffmpeg magic

ffmpeg -re -f mjpeg -i "$INURL" -s "$INRES" -r 25 -vcodec libx264 -r "$FPS" -preset ultrafast -crf 26 -threads 0 -s "$OUTRES" -f flv "$URL"


Since we were missing part of the action we decided we needed a second cam. This makes this most secure hole in Stuttgart (if you believe in that surveillance bullcrap that is run through the roost) - at least that we know of.

The cam is a vstarcam H6837WI with h.264. Fortunately for us someone already had a closer look at it.

ffmpeg magic

Trying to get a minikrebs to do all the repackaging and streaming.

ffmpeg -re  -i "$CAMH264STREAM" -acodec copy -vcodec copy -f flv "$URL"

Example screenshots

Somewhen in the not so distant future - when there's no more construction site - we'll even make a timelapse video of the dschigabytes of pictures taken.

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