IRC Eggdrop / Serice Bot / Quizbot

- finished features -

  • quiz bot, currently in beta mode
  • !open function for posting the door status (open/closed) of shack in #shackspace (TCL scripting)

- planned features -


- future planned features -

  • irc statistics
  • shack statistics
  • spam protection
  • bad host blacklist

- wanna help ? -

If you want to join this project, contact me:

  • search for user HeLLraiseR`- in #shackpace on IRC (
  • write an e-mail via the shack public list
  • write an e-mail to hellraiser [@t]
  • contact me directly at shackspace

open.tcl script:

bind pub - !open webdata
package require http

proc webdata {nick host hand chan arg} {
set token [::http::geturl]
set data [::http::data $token]
::http::cleanup $token
putlog $data
puthelp "privmsg #shackspace :$nick, shack is $data"
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