The fukushima disaster brought a new wave of radiatation and awareness towards the topic.

Some people at shackspace wanted to build a geigercounter to actually have some means of measuring radiation levels. Unfortunately that never happened.

On our New Years visit to brmlab (prague, cz) we stumbled across some radioactive ore and thus the the topic had our attention again.

The sensors were crowdfunded by tw, makefu, exco, timm, optimizr, karlo, hornig, uebner


radioactive@home is an open hardware open software project from some guys in Poland utilizing boinc to fetch the data from geiger counters all over the world.

v 2.61 kits


Since there was no compatilbe BOM - we had to generate the buy-it list by hand. That sucks.
Now there is a mouser bom.

Some soldering fun


Trying to shave off some cents we ordered SMD capacitors … lesson learned: these are marked on the positive side.


Software setup

Installation according to here. This project uses BOINC. If you're already running BOINC, select Add Project. If not, DOWNLOAD BOINC. When prompted, enter


If for some reason the geiger counter ticks / led blinking is too annoying - you can change the behaviour online (iot) or press the marked hardware button. The rz team should have the necessary credentials.

The boinc client (@shackspace) runs on the nucular (nukular) (→phenylbutazone.shack virtual machine.


  • fix the broken radioactive@home geiger counter.
    • add the i2c display
  • build a case with alpha-blocking-slider-mechanism for the LND712 geiger counter from tw this one in version 3.0b
    • make changes to the software (possibly replace the buzzer) to make the typical geiger tick sounds upon each detection
  • find someone (possibly tw?) to build an openstreetmap website with overlays for all sensors from the different radiation mapping projects (that they in return can use)
    • with nice interpolation maps?

Radiation maps

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