Showing stuff on the dashboard of that fancy Porsche cockpit


I found the well known Porsche cockpit back in the small hallway and instantly thought „The hell? I'm totally going to do something with that!“
After hauling it up on a table with some help, i started taking it apart in order to reveal the dashboard.
Meanwhile some people were playing around with the entertainment system which was fully functional and just lacked a power supply.

After some work, I had the dashboard in my hands. The rest of the story still has to be written.


  • Porsche cockpit
    • Dashboard
    • Porsche PCM 2.1 Entertainment System
    • functional speakers
      • motorized tweeter right
      • motorized center speaker
    • Lock module with key (hacked to manually unlock the „set P-Mode“ lock)
    • fancy strip with glowing „Turbo“ logo above the glove compartment
    • blue lighted left speaker
    • several buttons, switches and other not used stuff


  1. Since the DB was manufactured @Bosch and I work there, i asked some people about the CAN-Matrix and pinout
  2. found out that Bosch can't reveal information about stuff that was sold to customers without the permission of the latter

Next Task: contact Porsche about information/permission(see 2)
Note: Called Porsche. Been forwarded to legal department. Listened to the „tape“ of the answering machine -.-
Next time call at working hours…


Nothing went back and forth. So the cockpit was left alone and degraded. It was wrecked 02/2012.

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