Wish list

A collection of things that we would like to have at shackspace, donations welcome!

A/V equipment

Item What for?
RF microphone light weight, head mounted. Would be awesome for speakers giving lectures and talks
voice- and instrumental microphonesrecording of music, voice and all other sounds
microphone stands and clampsthe _real_ 3rd hand, not only in studios
audio mixerrecording of music, voice and all other sounds
digital audio FX processorrecording of music, voice and all other sounds
various XLR, chinch & TRS connector cables and adapterswiring of audio eq.
Full-HD camera recording talks, interviews, etc
Full-HD Beamerfor fixed installation for lectures, talks and seminars
A/V recording setup recording talks, interviews, etc
A/V mixer mix audio and video streams (ie camera and presentation slides, picture-in-picture, etc)
Sound-proof room material to sound-proof a room to either make noise or record in a quiet environment

Manufacturing / Rapid Prototyping

Item What for?
Dry and oil-free air compressor, 150l/min to operate our SMD pick&place machine, cleaning devices
Laser cutter Rapid prototyping, etching, cutting. Should have enough power to vaporize material so it doesn't leave burned edges cutting wood
3D Printer Rapid prototyping, manufacturing items on a as-needed basis or replacement parts for broken things
lathemechanical works of all kind
milling machinemechanical works of all kind
shearsheet metal works
brakesheet metal bending
drill pressmaking holes
silkscreen printing gearprinting on cloth and other things
spot welderwelding stuff (or diy somewhen)


Item What for?
pizza ovenask cpt. obv.
professional coffee/espresso machineask cpt. obv.


Item What for?
sewing machine
ironmakes sewing easier
heavy-duty sewing machinefor leather and tarp


Item What for?
Air-hockey tablebecause it's awesome
Showerask cpt. obv.
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