What we have

  • Bright presentation projector
  • 6/8ch audio mixer w/ compressor and built in USB sound card interface
  • 2x NetApp dual-GigE SAN for storage of streaming video and audio

What we need

  • Wireless microphone (2x)
    • Alternative: cable-bound clip-on microphones
      • 39 Euro + 49 Euro Adapter
      • 3pin XLR cable
  • Camera (speaker)
    • Full-HD
    • recordings >20min
    • enough storage for 2h recording or streaming capability (preferred)
  • Camera (demo, table-top)
    • My 1080p full HD webcam is currently attached to the shackrep. Might not be the best solution, but better than nothing. If it's okay, I'll donate it. - Jules
  • Video splitter to recording slides and videos
    • Alternative: second streaming camera
    • Alternative: projector video through
  • Video mixer
    • 2/3ch


  • shack intro/outro & title sequence templates


  1. Record A/V to NetApp
  2. Cut A/V
  3. Upload to vimeo

What we used so far

Equipment Result Comment
PAL resolution camera bearable the 90s called and want their resolution back
smrrds Camcorder difficulties syncing with audio streams in post
h0uz3s clip-on mics good crisp and clear audio
h0uz3s table-top mic average to bad records noise from touching the table and equipment
h0uz3s Canon excellent recording time limit :(
Nicos camera
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