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Note: this is a work in progress and a draft to be presented to the shackspace plenum for discussion.

Lab discipline is of crucial importance to ensuring everyones safety as well as the safety of the space itself.

  • No food or drinks in the lab! If you find anything inside the lab, destroy it at once!
  • No working alone in the lab! ALWAYS have a lab partner in there with you at all times!
  • To work in the lab you are required to undergo a „lab 101“ seminar given by a shackspace chemistry lab senior beforehand.
  • No experiments forbidden by German law
  • No experiments that you have not been cleared to perform beforehand
    • A list of experiments one is cleared to perform will be kept on file
  • If an experiment is potentially hazardous, have it okayed by the shackspace chemistry lab senior team first!
  • Plan ahead and have a contingency plan if something goes wrong!
  • You're required to study first, experiment later!
    • No mixing of random stuff!
    • You should know beforehand what the result and intermediates of a chemical reaction will be.
    • You should know what could go wrong at every step of the way.
    • You have to take measures to ensure the safety of everyone (involved or not).
  • At least two people present in the lab are required to have attended a first-aid course no more than two years ago. Records of this have to be kept on file.
  • If something goes wrong, know what to do and who to inform and in which order to do what.

Lab Protocol

You will write a lab protocol for all experiments you perform. No exceptions. All protocols will be kept on file.

Most important points:

  • People present during experiment
  • People involved in experiment
  • Aim of the experiment
  • The exact amount of chemicals used
  • The efficiency factor of the chemical reactions
  • Amounts synthesized at each step
  • Means of destruction of synthesized substances (if applicable)
  • Type and amount of chemicals which were taken outside the lab
  • Procedures employed
  • Equipment used
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