• Verwaltung von
    • Einzelteilen
    • Datenblaettern
    • Bausaetzen
  • Benutzertypen
    • Verbraucher
    • Administrator
  • Use-cases
    • Verwaltete Objekte
      • Anlegen
      • Aendern
      • Loeschen
    • Einzelteile
      • Einchecken
      • Auschecken
      • Reservieren
      • Reservierungen aufheben
      • Bestand ausgeben
      • Bestandsliste erstellen
      • Einkaufsliste erstellen (basierend auf Bestand und aktuell reservierten Teilen/Saetzen)
        • High/Low Watermark triggert Warnung/Bestellung
    • Bausaetze
      • Anzahl baubarer Saetze bestimmen
      • Baussaetze reservieren / reservierungen aufheben
      • Bausaetze/Listen von Bausaetzen („heute bauen wir 10x X und 20x Y, sind Teile da?“)


Table: Part

Field Type Comment
id unique, pk, auto increment
image opt
watermarkhigh if below, order if ordering anyway
watermarklow if below, order required
stock how much is currently in stock

Table: Vendor

  • add other address / contact related field
Field Type Comment
id unique, pk, auto increment
customerid our customer id for ordering

Table: Assembly

Field Type Comment
id unique, pk, auto increment

Table: LinkAssemblyPart

  • link parts together to an assembly
  • does not allow for 'assemblies of assemblies' / baugruppen, would need one more layer ob abstraction
Field Type Comment
assemblyid fk
partid fk
numrequired number of 'partid' required to build on 'assemblyid'

Table: LinkVendorPart

  • link parts to vendors so we know where to buy something.
  • not solved: prices for different mininum / recommended order quantities
Field Type Comment
partid fk
vendorid fk
quantity minimum/recommended order quantity

other open issues

  • how to track parts and assembly pre-allocations / reservations in a way that allows you to keep allocations separate and allow to cancel individuall allocations in a clean way.
  • now to store datasheets? blobs?
  • do we have to associate / track similar parts by different manufactureres? („part X is out, but use Y instead“); possibly too complicated and overengineered
  • how to track part prices for resale? by part? fixed multiplicator?
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