Pick-and-Place: Demo mode

Start Demomode

  1. Turn PNP machine power on (main rotary switch, bottom right-hand side)
  2. Power up PNP motor controller (green button on the tray front)
  3. Start the 'smt' application
  4. When asked, press <Space> to start homing calibration, this might take a while depending on the current X/Y position of the placer head
  5. Open a demo file, 'bgatest' is good enough
  6. When asked, select the default mode '0' (just hit <Enter>)
  7. From the '??????' menu select 'Manueller Modus'
  8. Freak out (aka: use below keys to do manual stuff and amaze people)

End Demomode

  1. Press <ESC>
  2. From the 'Datei' menu select 'Beeenden'
  3. Turn off machine using mains switch

Interesting Keys

Key Function
NUM-8 move away from operator (press again to stop)
NUM-4 move left (press again to stop)
NUM-6 move right (press again to stop)
NUM-2 move towards operator (press again to stop)
NUM-+ increase video contrast
NUM– decrease video contrast
ALT-F mark position finish
ALT-S mark position start
ALT-C move to position (finish+start)/2
ESC leave to main screen
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